Bowtie Fridays, Dressing Quietly, And Your Weekend.

I loved the comment yesterday that a few young guns have started “Bowtie Fridays” at the State Department. They do  stay out of the soup on these chilly days and are whimsical enough to qualify for casual offices.


Today, instead of choosing to wear a bow, I chose a Sam Hober grenadine. Mainly because I don’t own a wool challis bowtie. You see, I felt like dressing softly today. Nothing too jarring or starched. Comfortable yet appropriate for meeting with my tailor. Particularly since I remain unshaven since I took a slice out of my cheek two days ago.

There was a time that I would have chosen a silk tie to offset the flannel. And that is a more formal and valid choice. But with two patterns (not counting pocket hank and socks) I didn’t  want to opt for even a patterned cashmere. So solid grenadine it is. In particular the larger “garza grossa” as opposed to “garza fina” weave that still adds a bit of visual interest. Blue because I’m wearing a grey suit. Unseen: deep chocolate-brown suede oxfords, blue herringbone socks.

Why not apply the same philosophy to your weekend wear tomorrow? Think flannel, cashmere, moleskin, brushed cotton, suede. Let me know what you come up with.

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2 Responses to Bowtie Fridays, Dressing Quietly, And Your Weekend.

  1. It’s been far too long, Chris! Happy New Year to you… and Im tickled to see you’re still as dapper as ever.

  2. Franki, Entirely my fault. As beautiful and dynamic as always I see!

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