Pocket Litter

I'm forever having to clean up my bureau top. Every night I dump my pocket litter of wallet, lip balm, pocket knife, house key, and money clip and hope I ca find them amidst the cuff links, watches, receipts, photos, microfiber cloths and whatever else that winds up on that flat surface.

I like little dishes, old ashtrays, lacquer trays and other vide poche that quickly and neatly organize what seems unorganizible. The wonderful art nouveau (?) example above from 1st dibs would add some visual interest and height to any bureau, antique or modern.

The very handsome leather example from asprey.com would quicken the pulse of any gentleman and be a suitable repository for the keys to the Bentley, his signet ring, and monogrammed platinum collar stays.

It's Christmas. Little, thoughtful things make great gifts

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1 Response to Pocket Litter

  1. Design Chic says:

    I love the sculpture from 1st dibs. What a unique way that would be to put all of our “treasures”. Happy weekend!!

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