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Buckets of Elegance


Yesterday we decorated the tree. Some people love decorating. While I love the result, I don’t like the legwork. All I can think of is taking it all down and having to pack it away. The task is made considerably less onerous by our habit of asking for help. Mrs. E. and I invite friends over. This started years ago with a bachelor friend, Mr. W., who provided all the props necessary to luring us into the afternoon. Champagne and, in those halcyon days, maybe even caviar.

There really is nothing like a champagne bucket to make even an inexpensive bottle look its best. Considering an elegant Christmas gift that will get lots of use? If you haven’t inherited, the hotel silver number above is a good price at Pottery Barn.

4 thoughts on “Buckets of Elegance

  1. Inheriting…that’s another word for thrifting, right? That’s how I “Inherited” mine. And very similar to the Pottery Barn version.

  2. Dearest Chris,
    Love your catchy title; buckets of elegance! And yes, this makes for a very elegant presentation. Whether you use real champagne or its sexy Italian cousin; Prosecco… The latter we came to love even more after living and working in the region where it comes from. Enjoy the season and even more so with your friends. Great tradition!

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