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Sorry that the image is a bit dark. This is the way I used to dress on regular occasions. I still like the look. The concession to modern day is the choice of a flat front trouser. And the receding hair line. do you still mix a lot of pattern and layers? Or do you prefer the sleeker modern look?

At any rate, consider either an odd vest or a tie bar to stuff a stocking or place under the tree this year. Anachronistic, yes. But still stylish, no?

10 thoughts on “198…..9’ish?

  1. I love the look – it is one I still adopt on almost a daily basis (I am a college professor).

  2. Chris, that is a wonderful look. I wish I could see the vest though. What color is it and what criteria did you use when you were picking it? Should it contrast or complement? You do look great as usual.

  3. The “sleek, modern look” is a bit boring. Black suit, white shirt, black tie (of course, most hipsters don’t bother with a tie any more) – I call it the “undertaker look”.

  4. Todd and dan, thanks! The vest is cashmere in a deep camel color. It has a lapel. Old Nordstrom buy. I like the look, and used to wish it was shorter. But it fits with today’s lower rise trouser, it will even (heaven help me) cover a belt over the flat front trouser I was wearing. I like complimenting the color of the sport coat, although I have a red vest that makes Christmas appearances under POW plaids and the like.

  5. Dear Chris,
    You look really spiff in this 3-piece suits! Above all, you are in excellent shape for wearing such suits. The so-called sleeker and modern look is meant for the not-so-well-in-shape crowd. Keep it up and personally I do love the 3-piece suits. My husband has but one as here the climate is such that it will mostly be too warm.
    Wishing you a great and stylish Advent season – stay warm by layering!

  6. The look you’re sporting in the above photo is timeless to my eye. Sleek and modern is a bit dull, and tends to lack personal inspiration. I’ve no interest in seeing a bunch of male mannequins wandering the boulevard.

    I’m a woman, so I don’t know that you’re interested in my style choices, but I enjoy layering different fabrics and complementary patterns. Especially this time of year. When the temperatures rise, simple becomes a necessity.

  7. Well it’s a very conservative and correct look. To my eye it’s rather dated, uninteresting and old for you. I’m not a huge fan of the modern look either – short trousers and too short jackets are not a particularly flattering look. But I think the look you are going for is a little too much in the other direction. Too grandfatherly on a younger man such as yourself.

  8. In all honesty, I fail to see what’s grandfatherly about it. Is it the vest? And the overall ensemble is certainly not uninteresting – there are plenty of colors and textures to catch the eye.

  9. Well, I do think it’s the vest combined with the overplaid in the jacket as well as the eye glasses. I don’t think it’s an unattractive look, just better suited to a man 20 years older.

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