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Please Bear With Me and Whimsy.

It seems I am using too much computer space on the shared server. I’m going to have to archive some of my early posts. So you may encounter difficulty when trying to access the site. I’m only allowed so much traffic!


In the meantime, a question to think about and discuss here or over on the Easy and Elegant Life Facebook page. Given that we have decided that elegance is restraint, is whimsy the antithesis of elegance? Or can including some whimsical elements in your wardrobe co-exist with your pursuit of elegance?


The late, great, fantastically well-turned out Richard Merkin.


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Ferry. He wore blue velvet…


7 thoughts on “Please Bear With Me and Whimsy.

  1. Finally found something to like about Mr Ferry, for she seems quite nice.
    Chris, rock is full of good looking chaps looking sharp. Charlie watts and joe jackson are two goog examples. Give it a thought!

  2. Dear Chris,
    Richard Merkin’s tweed suit and his hat sure does nicely co-exist with elegance! I’m not so fond of the velvet suits though…
    Best wishes with your server issues for creating space.

  3. Dear Chris,
    I think if a man has covered all the basics and has a playful or whimsical aspect to his personality, sure a whimsical touch would be appropriate, But don’t you think that whimsical elements of attire and outright costume are pretty close cousins?

    As for Bryan’s outfit,it is consistent with that slightly louche, world weary image he has expertly curated for himself, but I would leave a velvet suit at the tailors. Have you noticed that Ferry is usually photographed wearing a blue suit? He also knows and follows the top secret rules for mens fashion: Be thin. Be tall. Be handsome. Optional but helpful: Be wealthy.
    Douglas Webber, rule breaker

  4. Douglas, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Funny that most of his stuff is custom through the Row. I noticed that about the blue velvet, too.

    Mariette, I have one, but haven’t really worn it. Private dinner tonight, perhaps then. It’s brown, too. Hmmm. We’ll see.

    IGU, That video you posted on the FB timeline for E&EL is fantastic!!!! Thanks, C

  5. My personal maxim is that elegance is rather ordinary until you add a piece of yourself. For me, that means whimsy. It may mean something entirely different to another. What it boils down to is individual style. Most every man looks good in a well tailored suit, but I would encourage him to make it his own somehow.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

  6. Hi, Good question, as usual. I love your posts. I’ve been traveling so I’ve probably missed a good bit of this conversation, but it seems to me that there is a difference between putting together an elegant outfit, and being an elegant person, as one can do one without being one, no? Additionally, an elegant outfit is probably not one that is whimsical. However, an elegant person might very well be. I’ve been marinating on this subject (and posting) quite a lot since reading Matthew Mays book on the Pursuit of Elegance. xoxo, NG

  7. AN, very good!It is all about style, isn’t it?
    NG, oh yes! Well done! That’s what has been running around my head as well. Don’t know the book. Off to Amazon. And your blog. I’ve been over to Pinterest for inspiration and you do a beautiful job.
    Thank you Mr. Frick.

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