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Once Again: Yes Virginia, You May Wear Black with Blue


I used to be obstinate about wearing black shoes, far too bourgeois for me. Deep brown suede, saddle calf, oxblood, snuff suede, tan, white, those were the colors adorning my paws.

But you know what? Black shoes really go best with midnight and navy suits. Even before 6:00 pm. But you already knew that. You wear black shoes with your midnight blue dinner jackets, don’t you?

Black with blue can make sense above the belt, — should you wear one — too.  In the photo above, my tie is black with woven white dots. And I like it just fine. If you’ve got a high contrast complexion consider the darkest of ties, with your darkest of blue suits.

6 thoughts on “Once Again: Yes Virginia, You May Wear Black with Blue

  1. Dear Chris,
    You look very spiffy here and I love the shoes! Indeed black shoes with any blue or black, charcoal suit works fine. I had a hard time telling that this is a midnight blue suit… That’s my only color problem, at least in a store, without daylight and again on the monitor of a PC. But it goes very well together!
    Enjoy the cooler season and happy weekend to you.

  2. I agree with Mariette, those shoes are wonderful. Are they Allen Edmonds? I wear black shoes often as I think they add an element of class and dignity that other color shoes don’t communicate as well.

  3. I guess I’m in the minority but I really do not like navy paired with black. If the navy is lighter and brighter, it can work; but with a traditional navy, black shoes look dead. Too much like a policeman (no criticism of the police intended, but not the look I’m going for). Give me an oxblood or mid brown chestnut.

  4. Robert, I do agree that oxblood is the optimal choice with navy but I think black still works. A rich oxblood though is beauty in its purest form.

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