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Heat Holders Hold Top Spot in the Winter Sock Drawer


You’re going to think I’ve lost my mind. I haven’t.

Full disclosure: the nice people at Heat Holders sent me a pair of their “Ultimate Thermal Sock” for Mrs. E. to test.

Mrs. E., you see, is a very tough critic. She has this Cold Agglutinin Disease thing that goes along with her CLL. Her threshold temperature is 70°F/21°C. Below that and she starts to turn blue as her red blood cells begin exploding. Think hypothermia. The end result of which is coma, etc. . She’s tried everything. Hunting socks, ski socks, electric socks, cashmere socks, Hot Hands Toe Warmers. Cashmere socks under Uggs… (yes, she’s been driven to that) … electric boots even. Like I say, she’s a tough audience for warm clothing.

Her initial assessment of the hot pink socks? “Wow! These are soft. Really soft.” An hour later. “These are the warmest non-electric sock, ever. And they’re really soft.” Still later: “Hey, look! My heels are their normal colour! Wow, are these socks soft. How do they make them this soft?” Etc.

Apparently, all this has to do with the way the pile is looped and brushed to create pockets of hot air. Add some wicking properties to that to take away any foot moisture and you’re in pretty good shape. If the Heat Holders hold up to a winter’s worth of wear, they’ll be worth every penny. I’m ordering a case of them for Mrs. E. for Christmas. Seriously. If you’ve got someone you love who has to keep warm, or if you just like to wrap him or her in snuggly warm things, look into Heat Holders. They’ll thank you for it.

3 thoughts on “Heat Holders Hold Top Spot in the Winter Sock Drawer

  1. Chris, I hate to say this, but I think it is time for your family to move to Southern California. You definitely live in the wrong part of the country. I wish you and Mrs. E. well.

  2. Chris these sound wonderful! Yes, I also I get so cold and try many ways to keep warm! Glad they are working well for your lovely wife!

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  3. Thanks for the tip. My partner’s feet are always cold in the winter- I’ll give these a try.

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