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Taking Some of the Starch Out of Business Wear.


Fairly conservative suit (Oxxford, grey sharkskin with a faint blue windowpane), Leviner Wood custom blue, black, white striped shirt, Drake’s plaid silk tie, RL black captoes … all very conservative. I didn’t have time to iron the ancient linen pocket square and so stuffed it into the pocket, points down, well enough to hide the odd small hole. Sometimes it is OK to take a little bit of  starch out of business wear.

2 thoughts on “Taking Some of the Starch Out of Business Wear.

  1. Chris, it looks like the whiskers are gone; good for you. Your drive for sartorial excellence really raises the bar for the rest of us. Thank you for your wonderful posts that both inform and challenge me to dress my best each and every day. Of all the style forums and blogs I read, yours are the best. Thanks.

  2. Yes I must admit I am in agreement with the non-facial hair. I also think/….what would Chris say. when dressing for an occasion…. Your opinion is often needed?

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