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Roughing It Up: Fall’s Textures


Let’s talk about texture. Today I found myself wearing a sort-of-burnt-orange flannel sportscoat, grey flannels and a grenadine tie. I debated for a while over my shoes and my pocket square. Do I wear suede shoes or calf? Do I wear a Drake’s silk/wool blend or an all silk pocket square? In general, I like to play textures off one another. A rougher or softer hand is paired with a smooth or harder material. Flannel calls for polished leather shoes, tweed a silk tie or pocket square. Suede shoes require an alligator belt. That sort of thing.

But take our man from Drake’s, above. He looks very Fall. The lighting is oblique. Colours are a bit muted, although still rich. His tweed jacket, merino cardigan, woolen tie and silk and wool square are all softer textures. I bet he’s wearing flannels and suede shoes; if he’s wearing trousers at all. To me this is a relaxed look. Put together absolutely. But relaxed. I imagine some would consider this just south of black tie. Still, if you want to look smart and comfortable in mufti, consider mixing in all your soft and comfortable Fall textures. As homey as a single malt, a good detective novel and a roaring fire in the grate.

Do you dress softly during the colder months? Or is it all business OR adventure wear?

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