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It Won’t Make MY Brown Eyes Blue


I’m not a fan of the French Blue shirt. That said,  a clean shirt is a clean shirt. I haven’t gotten to the dry cleaners in a while.

I pair blue and brown quite often and with the weather continuing  fall-like and rainy, well, it just seemed natural to go a little darker. As it is Friday, I am wearing a knit striped tie (A Suitable Wardrobe, and very versatile!)  What does tickle my fancy is that the cooler temperatures make wearing lightweight tweeds and flannels very comfortable.

3 thoughts on “It Won’t Make MY Brown Eyes Blue

  1. Hello Chris,
    Surprised to hear you don’t like French Blue shirts. Aside from a white shirt specifically with French cuffs, French blue is my favorite dress shirt color when wearing a tie. What don’t you like?

  2. Sybarite. I like to shave. It’s relaxing. Mrs. E. doesn’t miss it a bit. The kids did.

    Robert, I’m not sure. Perhaps with my coloring, I can look a little too 1930s gangster when I wear one. Darker shirts just aren’t my thing. I far prefer ice blue.

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