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The Unofficial “I’m Off Today” Summer Uniform

I feel like my puppy when he’s chasing his tail. Mrs. E. has been kind enough to keep me away from her sewing machine and help me out on a tight deadline of making some custom tartan scarves for a client of my tailor’s. It’s not what I do, but…. I hope he likes them.

That leaves me scrambling. Especially in the morning when I’m getting the progeny ready for school. Never an easy task. I’m tempted to throw on whatever is lying around and hit the ground running. And that’s where the summer uniform comes in handy. Unconstructed cotton jersey blazer, slim cut khakis, brown bit loafers and alligator belt with gold slide buckle. Good enough for that last-minute errand, comfortable enough to cut, make and trim fabric. And yes, I pop my collar. Despite feeling like  a puppy chasing its tail, old dogs and new tricks…..

Crazy days. But at least they are very warm and sunny.

Unoffical Summer Uniform

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