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Sort of Traditional, Unconstructed, Coats

Sort f Seersucker

Mr. W’s neo-Neapolitan blue blazer turned out so well that I thought it would be the right time to offer an unconstructed ICON Collection coat for the warm weather. The fabric above is seersucker — woven so that only 30% of the material touches your skin at any one time keeping you very cool — in traditional blue/cream or grey/cream stripes. It is not, however, your traditional cotton. This seersucker seems made for the unconstructed garment that I’ve preferred to slouch around in as of late. It is a blend of wool and silk. Extremely lightweight, but a forgiving fabric that will hold its shape without as much help as all cotton garments would require. The best of both worlds? Yup.

For those who like a different pattern, the glen plaids shown below are a very elegant alternative for spring and summer. Linen is cool to wear, especially when quarter- or half-lined as our unconstructed coats are. Shown with the pearlescent button that I find just right for that easy, elegant look.


I picture either coat paired with sand coloured khakis, cream linens or dove grey trousers. Jeans, especially khaki, at the weekend. Spectator shoes or white bucks are purely your choice. As is the colour of your felt undercollar. I like hot pink, myself.

Sort of traditional, unconstructed odd jackets. Offered in standard, off-the-rack US sizing 36- 50. USD$625. Sizes above US50 have a 20% surcharge for the extra material.

Any takers? (As always members of The ICON Collection get a USD$100 credit for joining up. I’m considering offering club discounts, too.)

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