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J.Crew Slim Japanese chambray shirt

J.Crew Slim Japanese chambray shirt

2 thoughts on “J.Crew Slim Japanese chambray shirt

  1. I will be taking a look at the slim chambray shirt the next time I am t J.Crew. I couldn’t tell (even with enlargement) if the stitching was white or the same color as the shirt. I generally do not like contrast stitching. If I buy this shirt, I may change the buttons to a light, natural horn. It will depend on whether the white buttons look like tacky plastic. Sometimes J.Crew has great stuff. Sometimes, I am very disappointed. I liked the design and graphic of some of their new spring/summer T-shirts and was disappointed to learn that they had a significant polyester to their composition. Wouldn’t you think you could count on J.Crew for all-cotton Ts?

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