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The Neo-Neapolitan for Mr. JLW

Just finished this blazer for Mr. JLW, a long-time friend. He has admired the unconstructed sportcoats that he has seen and wanted a workhorse that he could bundle up into a duffel, shake out and wear to a meeting. I chose the Neapolitan detailing of the barchetta patch breast pocket and matching lower patch pockets just because we don’t see that around these parts too often. He chose the overcoat fabric so that he didn’t have to lug around an extra overcoat. With the non-existent lining minimal construction, the blazer is still light enough to wear for two and a half to three seasons.

I’m very pleased with the way it turned out and it looks great on him. As comfortable as a sweater and as versatile as a blue blazer. Leviner Wood did a fine job making the coat fit the wearer — not easy to do without relying on padding.

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