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A Brush for the King of the Castle.


This is by far the best hairbrush I have had the pleasure to use. It is the Kent MG3,beechwood with white bristle oval brush, sometimes called a military brush. It is specifically designed to penetrate your hair down to the scalp and to distribute the oils to keep your hair in check. It works, with the result that I am able to use less goop in my hair and that makes me feel better. A dab of Kiehl’s Silk Groom and a quick run of the MG3 over the head and I’m off to the races. I even bought one for my son who is six years old. (He can take it to college.)

As strange as it sounds, I think this might make a good present this Valentine’s Day. If I could afford it, I would choose the 100% handmade satinwood version in the presentation box or the ebony rectangular model shown below.


Each of the handmade models feature “hand-drawn” bristles that have been bound with waxed twine and set into the hand-drilled holes. It can take up to twelve people to make this brush using a technique that has remained unchanged for 230 years! The Royal Warrant (first awarded to Kent and Sons during the reign of George III) is featured on one side and the Kent logo on the other. Fit for a king of the castle.

6 thoughts on “A Brush for the King of the Castle.

  1. I have the best letters that my dear husband wrote to his Mother to send his brush to camp. I love good brushes.
    Had to laugh about your son taking it to college.

  2. Dear Chris,
    Smart investment for yourself and your son! Kent and Mason Pearson brushes are the best in the world. Wish I’d bought my Mason Pearson years earlier as it would have saved quite some hair…
    Enjoy your quality brush for grooming like a king! It would be an excellent choice for Valentine’s.

  3. Good to see some more wisdom from you. I think Iain could use one. His birthday is coming up!

  4. Hello Chris,
    It’s a handsome brush indeed. I couldn’t help
    but think of the lyric to a very timely song
    while reading your post.
    “Don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for
    me, stay little Valentine stay…
    Each day is Valentine’s Day.”
    Wishing you and Mrs. E a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. Hello Rayna, thanks for reading and the comment. I’m trying, but it can seem like an uphill struggle with all the competing interests these days. Ah well, if they turn out to be a bit antiquated, I can live with that!

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