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Inspiration for Pitti This Spring?

Bert Mary Poppins

Bert the Chimney-Sweep has the look down pat. White bucks, flat front cream trousers, boating blazer and electric blue bow-tie. Gloves, boater, cane and penguins optional.

Looking at the images from Pitti, I can’t help but be impressed with the passing parade of fashion. It’s important to remember that Pitti shows the fashionable trends and as the guy interviewed in the Wall Street Journal’s Off-Duty section points out: “not a banker in the world would wear that.”

I disagree, of course. It’s all in the things that you take away from the shows and street style shots. Flat front trousers will still be in fashion, shoes will be highly polished, scarves and long coats look great together. I also noticed a number of double-breasted suits. I hope that trend trickles down to us.

What did you see that caught your eye as wearable?

4 thoughts on “Inspiration for Pitti This Spring?

  1. Dick Van Dyke’s clothing in Mary Poppins is an example of fashion that had descended into costume. On a purely theoretical level, I wonder what the elements are that force this transition. I do love shiny shoes and double breasted suits though and I hope to purchase my first bespoke DB this year. I am still trying to decide if it should be a 4×1, 6×1 or 6×2. I am also ruminating over what cloth to use. I want it to be elegant and sophisticated to wear for a night on the town.

  2. Chris, I have a very short upper body and so I wanted something that gave the illusion of height; that is the only reason I gravitated towards the 4×1. I was looking at a suit like this one: http://www.fashionising.com/pictures/p–Tom-Cruise-and-Katie-Holmes-at-British-Valkyrie-premiere-2041-24309.html but I am very open to something else. Is the Kent DB a 4×2 rolled to 1 button? I was also thinking something in a nailhead pattern, but am open to a different material if you think I should consider something else.

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