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The Mad Plaid Sportcoat


I’m not sure when it was that the plaid sportcoat became relegated to holiday wear. Winter wear makes sense. This Southwick sport coat is made of a Shetland sort of wool — think those Shetland fuzzy sweaters that were standard prep-issue in the 80’s — and is ver warm-wearing. I’ve paired it with a blue/black herringbone wool tie from the TieBar.com and a shirt from Emmett in the most perfect light blue. Unseen, custom charcoal trousers and cigar cordovan tassel mocs from Alden. This coat will get a lot of wear in the next few weeks — maybe past Epiphany this year. I do like it.

4 thoughts on “The Mad Plaid Sportcoat

  1. Dear Chris,
    Those plaids are great for wearing around Christmas time. My husband has the waistcoat vest in a red Mary Stuart tartan and I have an Escada jacket in Mary Stuart and a skirt, gloves, scarf… Can’t go wrong with it.
    Enjoy this season!

  2. Chris, you look great in this sport coat and it adds a holiday flair that makes this time of year very special. Thanks.

  3. Very nice jacket, Chris. I too wear a tartan jacket; Black Watch specifically. I think it’s more versatile than a red plaid, but I think you wear it very well.

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