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The Buying Season Is Upon Us: Bauducco Panetonne Chips in Holiday Flavor with Hershey’s Chocolate.

“Angels we have heard on high/tell us to go out and buy” sings Tom Lehrer. Ain’t it the truth. And that means it’s time for gift guides of all stripes to make the rounds. In order to stay  “on trend”, I’ve compiled a few choice items for your approval. Starting with….

Panetonne. Mr’s E’s favorite childhood Christmas treat has taken a new turn. How could they improve on the classic?

Chocolate. It smells delightful as soon as you peel back the wax paper and cut through the light moist loaf. Thumbs waaaay up according to the kids.

Bauducco Panetonne with Hershey’s milk chocolate chips. Perfect as a hostess gift or on that Christmas morning when we with children need all the energy we can get.


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