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Casual Male: Trouser and The Turtle(Roll)neck

I like to match patterned trousers with a solid merino or cashmere sweater. Here are some inherited RL tweeds paired with an ancient B² burgundy number. Old Ferragamo plain toe bluchers complete things since you can’t see the argyll socks.

Notice how I show no fear as I discreetly hold up the tree with my back. It has only fallen once and is now tied to the bannister with 550 paracord in festive blaze orange….

5 thoughts on “Casual Male: Trouser and The Turtle(Roll)neck

  1. Wrapping this one in love and holiday cheer my friend…but your trousers are too long. bam. with respect.

  2. Chris, this is another great outfit, and I am glad you modeled it for us just before Christmas. Now I know what to put on my wish list. Your burgundy sweater is perfect. Thanks!

  3. Dear Chris,
    Good for the tree that it fell only once… you secured it well.
    Love your tweed trouser with the plain turtle neck. Being European and having studied fashion design, I have to compliment you for wearing your trouser at the correct length! We often joke about the fact that a terrorist can easily spot an American abroad, in any crowd. Their give-away of being American is often that they wear ‘high-water’ style trousers and are chewing gum. Without ever uttering one single word they give away who they are. But you wear them like a European. We worked and lived in Italy and there they know how to wear men’s clothing. Even in Asia and South America male wear their trousers longer than most men in the USA do. It makes you look slimmer and does lengthen your silhouette!
    Keep it up!
    Enjoy your Advent season and upcoming Christmas with your family.

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