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An Evening Out at the Theatre.

Apologies for the Terry Richardsonian look of the photo, it was taken about 23:30 after attending the theatre (“The Producers” from Virginia Repertory Theatre, go!) I was very pleasantly surprised to see some folks had taken the trouble to actually dress — at least in sports coats, if not ties — with the women very holiday sparkly.

Whereas the plain white shirt once signaled to me the man who had given up any claim to creativity, I find myself increasingly drawn to it for evenings out. Maybe it is my taste for the simplicity of a dinner jacket, white shirt and black tie that is to blame.

Three piece (two of which were worn to the play), bespoke grey suit by Gieves. RTW white shirt by Nautica, tie from Drake's deco collection. Out of frame, black brogues from Ralph Lauren.


4 thoughts on “An Evening Out at the Theatre.

  1. Glad to hear that people were making the effort to dress properly for the theatre. If the cast and crew have gone to the effort of being professional & putting on a decent show, the least people can do is dress properly.

  2. Thank the Lord people are dressing properly “somewhere”!!

    Not here in “Paradise; Santa Barbara” !!! It gets worse by the day!

    “Slobbovia” (“inner” and “outer”) In the “Dogpatch USA” comic strip!

    I went to USC (fight on!!)

    And I had a professor of English who taught an entire semester about Al Capp! And he was right! He said…..”Al Capp is writing a comic strip; however; he is a sociologist!” “Read that “comic strip” and you will see the future!”

    That is totally brilliant. Someone needs to write a book and chronicle his “archetypes” and his characters.
    We see them everywhere now!

    Al Capp nailed it years ago. Now we are living it!


    ps just say “instagram” (I have never used it; it is supposed to be blurry!


  3. If anyone would like to see the theatre, Daniel-Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln attends an opera and another performance at The November/Empire Theatre in Mr. Spielberg’s picture .

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