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OCD about OC(non-BD)

(Not oxford cloth.) 

I know that the historical record proves me wrong, but I would swear that this country — possibly the western world — was founded and built by men wearing oxford cloth shirts. There just can’t be anything remotely as comfortable, as hard-wearing and suitable for honest toil. I think I’m a bit obsessed with it today.


Perpetually stylish Gianni Agnelli chose to wear the buttons undone on his starched B² oxford. Cool, yes, but I’m not sure it would be anything other than distracting in an American office. And I’ve never really been a fan of the button down with a suit, regardless of the images of other extremely elegant exemplars of the style.

There should be some sort of hybrid. A shirt that one could wear starched to the office and crumpled at the weekend.

Perhaps a club collar like these Land’s End Canvas numbers? (Thanks, Toad!) Although I’d prefer a self-collar, I think.

Or this cutaway, which is apparently unavailable, by Hackett.

This Patrick Ervell find at Valet mag is a stunner. ADG, this has your monogram all over it.


I’m going to have a go at at least one of these designs. If only to replace the crumpled Bengal stripe from J. Crew I’ve worn for the past two days.

3 thoughts on “OCD about OC(non-BD)

  1. I jealous of all you trim guys who can wear that last shirt. It may be all the inspiration I need to lose those last few pounds. Thanks

  2. I have had a passion for Oxford Cloth for years. When LandsEnd was still something special, I was able to order wonderful OC shirts that fit me the way that I prefer, with straight collars and French cuffs. They wear better than any shirt that I have ever owned. Unfortunetly, they have ended their custom program and I am now lost in the wilderness in search of a supplier (at or near their cost).

  3. John, I remember those and LE was the first place I checked for the shirt… to no avail, as you’ve pointed out. I can’t do custom at their prices, or I would.

    toad, it’s wishful thinking on my part.

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