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Giveaway: “A Late Quartet.”

I’ve been given one copy of the soundtrack to “A Late Quartet” by the Brentano String Quartet and a copy of the movie poster. Care to play? Leave a comment below and I’ll randomly select one reader to win. The movie opens November 2nd here in the States.

13 thoughts on “Giveaway: “A Late Quartet.”

  1. Chris, the movie is about how people’s lives slowly spin out of control with age and how each person must learn to compensate for the other’s diminishing capacity for life. The metaphor used is that of a quartet, who as they play all seven movements of Beethoven’s Opus 131 must learn to compensate for each other as each of their instruments slowly but continuously fade out of tune during the performance.

    Sartorially speaking, this seems to happen to us in reverse with age. We who are older and wiser in our choice of dress, must lovingly compensate and help those who are younger and seemingly unable to put together an outfit that exudes dignity and elegance. Accepting them, while also lovingly nudging them along towards what they will only attain when they reach our age.

    Today while doing my weekly food shopping at a mega store, a female store employee approached me (whom I did not know) and commented how I always look so handsome and elegant. She went on to say how beautifully I always seem to dress. After thanking her, my first thought was to praise GOD, and my second thought was to thank GOD for hooking me up with you and with Will. I have been one of those people whom you two have helped and I am grateful for that.

  2. Todd! How kind to pass that along. Congratulations, I’m sure the compliment was long overdue and one that most people think to themselves as they encounter you on a daily basis.

    Mariette, I’m looking forward to it. Great cast.

  3. At last, an intelligent film about aging that doesn’t belittle, degrade or make fun of. I cannot wait – plus the music. Reminds me of other great films that used classical music as a backdrop: Four Seasons, Ordinary People…

  4. Too late to leave a comment? Well, I guess I still left one even it is too late. So if it is too late, I guess this is a meta-comment.

  5. And, using the random number generator (random.org), the winners of the contest are Brian S. (soundtrack) and Emily (the poster). Congratulations. If you will send me your mailing information via email, I will pass it along to the nice PR company who will send your prizes.

    Many thanks to all who entered. I’m anxious to see the show as well.

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