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Cold Comfort: Layering

From jeans to cords and khakis, knits and tweeds are a natural fit for cooler weather.

I hope that everyone weathered Hurricane Sandy in fine style.

Just to cheer everyone up a bit before daylight savings kicks in and before I give away the soundtrack, I thought I'd post a few photos of what's going on at my tailor's — some very nice examples of layering and pattern mixing. Sorry for the photos as they came out a bit blurry.

Fll disclosure, Leviner Wood does the jackets, trousers, ties and shirts. I'm working on the Fair Isle knits


2 thoughts on “Cold Comfort: Layering

  1. Dear Chris,

    My favorites are #3 and #4 and I LOVE the classic gay flannel pinstripe at custom tailors.
    Stay warm and cozy and let’s hope that those affected by hurricane Sandy will find comfort and warmth as well.

  2. The city in which I live (Portland, OR) is very casual, so I see jeans everywhere. I have never been a fan of them unless the wearer is working at a job that requires a tough material like you find in 501s. I do love cords though when paired with a nice Tweed. Harris Tweed in particular seems to wear like iron. I have a HT sport coat from 1975 which is still beautiful, and I like wearing it on those cold blustery days in November through February. I always pair it with a sweater, and this year I am experimenting with knit ties, so I am looking forward to achieving an entirely new sartorial expression. I do like the pictures above though and with the exception of the jeans, I will incorporate some of these ideas into my own wardrobe. Thanks Chris for posting them.

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