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Shoulder Season Dressing: Summer-Fall

Coat: Beretta/Shirt: Varvatos/Tie: B²/Tie Pin: Vintage/Pocketsquare: Drake’s/Eyeglasses: Oliver Peoples 

I had all sorts of philosophical drivel running around my head to share with you today. Than I stepped into a glorious, temperate morning. It feels like Fall; it’s sunny, breezy, cool… .

Shoulder season dressing reminds me of that old joke: “You’ve got ‘summer whiskers!’ Sum r here; sum r there… ” That’s sort of the case during these days when you might wake up to high summer temperatures expected, or, like today, Fall-like weather. Some days are hot. Some days are cool. Some are humid. Some are perfect. So what’s the dress code? The best of all possible worlds.

This is the time that those super 120’s and “year-round” fabrics shine. I paired the charcoal trousers with a dark brown loafer and introduced the brown and blue check sport coat into the mix. The blue is the same colour as the sky today and the brown has a nice autumnal feeling to it. Time to switch colour palettes (and check for moth damage.)

2 thoughts on “Shoulder Season Dressing: Summer-Fall

  1. Dear Chris,

    You look spiff and cool in your brown and blue check sport coat! Thanks for the valuable link about ‘Reweaving’ for mending e.g. moth damage. That makes sense for a lot of otherwise fine garments!
    Have a great September.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

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