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Meeting for Coffee

Sorry for the awkward angle, my son discovered my camera and now the battery is recharging. So, no tripod on which to rely. I met a friend for coffee this morning and the chill in the air prompted me to pull out my favorite silk sweater. I wish I had one in every color. But black takes me far and Britches is defunct, so…

The trousers are by Zanella and the Sloops shoes are by A Suitable Wardrobe. This is how I prefer to do business casual these days. Sometimes, going tieless with a sportcoat just looks like you’ve forgotten your neckwear. Tricky stuff.

5 thoughts on “Meeting for Coffee

  1. Silk sweaters are great for a business casual as they are definitely a cut above any other yarn.
    Love the Italian tailored Zanella trousers, a favorite of my husband’s too.
    Stay warm and enjoy this sweater weather!

  2. Wonderful outfit, thanks for the inspiration. “… going tieless with a sportcoat just looks like you’ve forgotten your neckwear.” Agreed. Tried that once and felt that I looked like an extra in a bad 70’s crime movie.

  3. Iñigo, well, it is the 50th anniversary year. Good eye,

    Douglas, that’s what I’m here for. Thanks for the compliment and for reading.

    Marietta, I wish I had a dozen of them!

    pve, the bar gets lower every year….

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