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ICON Project Update: The Hamilton

(Photo courtesy of the fast-moving Brohammas.)

It is getting there. At the moment I am giving master tailors and seamstresses fits trying to figure out the tricky button situation. Rest assured, it will be worth the wait.

One thought on “ICON Project Update: The Hamilton

  1. Eagerly awaiting your tricky button situation… Master tailors and seamstresses should also pay close attention to the proper length of men’s trousers. In Europe, South America and even in Asia, men wear them a lot more at the proper length. It slims the person down and makes the suit or trousers look their best! Here in the USA I’ve seen so many ‘high water’ trousers. For proper fitting the person should wear the ideal shoes to go with that particular pair of trousers. When seated down, trousers will kind of pleat behind the knee, thus making them look shorter. Regardless of the fabric content, this must be taken in consideration before any hemming up is being done.
    Bet you know yourself how to look spiff and how to present yourself looking slimmer by wearing the proper length.

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