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A Bracing Morning Drive

This morning was brisk and I throughly enjoyed the drive taking my daughter to school and the dog to the groomers. It is cool enough to feel cold driving with the windows down and the sunroof open, but everyone enjoyed it very much.

At a stop sign, I glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed the man driving the SUV in back of me was wearing a shirt, tie and … braces/suspenders! That is a rare sight these days. Generally I prefer my trousers be made with side straps and they are usually flat front these days. When I do wear pleated trouser with a suit, I swear by braces to keep the pleats flat and the trousers draped nicely. According to the date on the photo above, the last time I did that was September of 2010!

Do you wear braces? I wonder why we’ve gotten out of the habit? Maybe I should begin by asking if you wear pleated trousers? (Not necessarily full-cut, just pleated.)

4 thoughts on “A Bracing Morning Drive

  1. Dear Chris,

    Yes, my husband Pieter does have some braces, even some Burberry ones. Personally I LOVE them. Not on full cut pants but just pleated as you state. But when do you find pants that have those special braces-buttons sewn inside for use? It would be great to revive those!
    You look spiff in your braces of 2010.

  2. I wear braces everyday except on weekends. Braces alow the pants to drape and keep the shirt tucked in. I wear them with both a suit and blazer during the week and with pleated and flat-front trousers. I would not, however, consider myself a “brace collector”, like the late, great Richard Merkin. Instead I have some modest stripes and solids from Brooks Brothers and two whimsical patterns (Mermaid and Hula Girl) I bought at the now gone ‘Kaiser’s Menswear’ in Greenwhich Village.

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