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Lack Of Effort or Keeping Up Standards

Jorts and a t-shirt, ball cap and running shoes. The default everyday wear around the neighborhood. It bugs me.

It occurred to me that summer was coming to  a close and I had yet to don the full summer kit. Yes, it required an effort. But, I’m trying not to let standards slip. Suit by Banana Republic. Vest from France (it’s Italian). Tie by Drake’s. Shirt by Hickey Freeman, worn pinned. Spectators, Peal & Co. for B².

10 thoughts on “Lack Of Effort or Keeping Up Standards

  1. Dear Chris,
    Kudos to you for making the effort to keep up STANDARDS! One often wonders what goes on in people’s mind when you see how they show up at certain events. Like life is an on-going beach party…
    Enjoy the remainder of summer in your spiff looking suit. Another compliment I must give you for wearing your pants at the proper length! Works slimming and looks still stylish when seated down.

  2. Well….I can dream of living in a world where this look is the norm can’t I? Reality here seems to be cargo shorts and topsiders with a golf shirt for any weekend function. But then it is 106 degrees. Not a real excuse, I know.

  3. Love it! And wish more guys saw fit to at least make a minimum of effort pulling themselves together before leaving the house.

    Best Regards,

    Ulrich von B.

  4. Sartorial perfection as usual Chris. Thanks for another great idea for putting together a beautiful outfit.

  5. So good to see someone making an effort to dress properly for summer. It’s actually offensive to see men in ill fitting cargo shorts and flip flops showing off their horny unkempt toes.

  6. Thank you all. It took effort — a lot of it. It’s hot here too and I walked to my appointment several blocks away. I would have perspired regardless, so I figured I’d give it the old college try.

  7. Great look. In the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear “To infinity and beyond”. Keep up the good work and the standards, you are an inspiration to us all.

  8. Chris,

    Outstanding, but honestly over the top with the Spectators. I applaud your reverence to standards of dress, but I humbly submit that you went over the top to costume here and won’t bring anyone along by doing so.

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