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Sleeveless In a Summer Vest?

Now that global warming isn't so hard to imagine, what with temperatures approaching those of the surface of the sun, only with more humidity, it may seem a strange time to be writing of waistcoats. In fact, it seems very strange to me that I reached for this Black Fleece number that was a birthday present.

Judging by the colors and the material (cotton), this is clearly meant to be warm weather wear. It is surprisingly comfortable even in the warmer rooms of The Manse. I don't seem to ever be in an overly air-conditioned room. And the advantages of more pockets are always appreciated, especially with the slimmer cut khakis that I favor. All the bulkier stuff can ride suspended from my shoulders instead. Dispensing with the linen blazer has been fun today, even if I feel like this guy.

The only disadvantage I could see is for the person used to taking off a suit coat at work. It would seem funny to have a vest hanging from the back of the Aeron.

For casual wear, with khakis or jeans, this is a very good finishing touch. I could have used it in the sub-zero movie theatre. I was watching “The Dark Knight Rises”, so maybe it was just my blood that ran cold.


4 thoughts on “Sleeveless In a Summer Vest?

  1. That video was the first image that came to my mind when I saw your vest. It is a very interesting vest but I don’t quite know how to really make it work in an ensemble. Don’t get me wrong I’m mad about plaid but it just seems that a vest is more of a winter item. I get the impression of a newspaper editor in 1930’s movie. No doubt it would be extremely useful but in summer you really need that ventilation, maybe its because I live in south Texas, I don’t know, what I do know is that it is very cool looking.

  2. PvE, I have a wonderful cream linen bought on the Champs d’Elysee and a linen cotton Polo number that is maize with a brown ‘pane overlay! Thanks for dropping by!

    Leo, it takes a bit to wear and as I said, I’m in 78 degrees plus all day. I do dispense with the jacket though. I agree that an open weave back would be useful.

  3. Wow, that waistcoat! This post inspired me to instantly check out the Black Fleece website and – yes! – they still had the waistcoat and – yes! yes! – in my size and – yes! yes! yes! – it was on sale!

    I can’t wait to wear it. Perfect for summer, especially in a hot climate with a chilly office. Thank you again for the inspiration.

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