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Shoes I Wouldn’t Mind Sloshing About In

SWIMS™. I know everybody and their mother’s uncle has blogged about them, but I can’t get ’em off my mind since I first ran across them at Mr. Porter, my favorite on-line shopping-tainment site.

Completely waterproof (read: manmade materials), very stylish. Walk from the car to the pool, the pool to the bar and grill, out into the sudden summer downpour and back into the car, repeat as necessary. This has to be the perfect answer to the problem of the flip-flop. It comes in a penny, too.

At USD$150, they’re not cheap, so you may want to stick to your classic Sperry Topsider in leather and get ’em wet. That’s what they’re for and they’ll save you around $70. Of course, I’ve somehow misplaced mine this summer. How could I lose a pair of shoes?

See you at the club.

5 thoughts on “Shoes I Wouldn’t Mind Sloshing About In

  1. Score! Once again you have found the cool stuff, wow I can’t find my topsiders either, I guess I’ll have to find a replacement for them, hmmm I wonder where I can find something to replace them with? Good to have you back we don’t hear from you enough these days.

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