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The ICON Collection: Scott’s Addition

F. Scott was the original party boy. Everyday was Saturday for the hard-partying author and his Southern belle wife. His clothes were the sports clothes of the day. The Norfolk jacket was favoured by golfers, drivers, hunters, and the country set. It is also the perfect garment to wear with jeans,  khakis, or summer tropical wools, like the grey swatch above.

Our version is rendered in creamy silk and wool with a blue-grey windowpane (top swatch). A bi-swing back gives you full range of movement for swinging a club or downing a pint. Bellows pockets hold everyday modern essentials and the straps help distribute the weight to  the shoulders. A half belt adds style. Center vent. Notch lapel. Portofino Fabric 55% Silk, 45%Wool (JG7204). DLG tan lining.  GG-3 grey horn buttons from The Ibiza Collection Two constructions: half or full-canvas. Also available in ready-to-wear sizes (you’re responsible for tailoring the garment in that case. But we can get close with a photo of you.)


8 thoughts on “The ICON Collection: Scott’s Addition

  1. Just ’cause I don’t read anyone else’s blogs anymore don’t mean you should forego telling me about such tasty trends as a jacket of this fuzzy caliber. Damn. We might just have to make one.

  2. Oh sh_t. I just re-read this. You had my country a_s at “bellows pockets”. Let’s go ahead and at least, in words, work out an ADG tweaked prototype. We can tweak these MTM babies, right?

    I’d like to have NO vent in the back. And instead–I want a THIRD Poacher/Bellows pocket…back there.

  3. ADG, just heard from the tailor and I think bellows are out of the equation although it will feature patch pleated pockets. Tweaks are fairly simple. I’d like to see a poacher pocket, too. If only for the Sunday paper. I’ll get this in and we can talk tweakage.

    $1875 and $1518 for custom vrs. ready-to-wear.

  4. As a gangly teen in the 70’s, I had a hand-me-down Norfolk jacket much like this. I recall the patch pockets and half belt specifically – as well as a double vent. Given its source, I’m certain it was well made, and probably from the early 60’s. Unfortunately, I had little interest in it during that flamboyant era of wide lapels and leisure suits.

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