The Fine Art of Relaxation

“Lounge wear” can leave a distasteful image in the mind’s eye. Perhaps it is the association with aging playboys. Or that so few of us take the time — or even have the time — to lounge about.

In my opinion that should change. If only for the odd father’s/mother’s day, or of a lazy Sunday. To fully delve into the fine art of lounging about, it is essential to relax. And what could be more relaxing than to be swathed in a length of silk? Loose, flowy, unrestricting silk pajamas, to be exact.

These beauties came in via post from Beijing with many thanks to Easy and Elegant Life’s traveling ambassador-at-large, and decorator to Hollywood’s élite, Michael Ostrow. I’m told that Victoria Beckham was eyeing my very posh gift on the plane ride.

Posh:”port out, starboard home.” Second cup of espresso and straight on through the morning, draped elegantly in silk.

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