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First Glimpse at The FitzHemingway Model for The ICON Collection


This is the first glimpse of the FitzHemingway Norfolk/Safari hybrid. It features a biswing back to make sure you can lift your shotgun, or pint glass with ease. The flapped lower pockets are inverted pleated to allow you to stuff extra shells, your EDC, or that pint glass into, if that’s your thing.

I’m debating the belt. Buckle? D-ring and button? Two buttons and a couple of others in back to fasten it out-of-the-way? I’ll mock up some options and let you all weigh in. In the meantime, I flat-out love this coat. The cinched waist really gives you that V-shape and the beefier shoulder (courtesy of the biswing back) reinforces the heroic silhouette.

7 thoughts on “First Glimpse at The FitzHemingway Model for The ICON Collection

  1. I think the two button classic norfolk belt look would look best with this fabric, speaking of fabric, what fabric are we seeing here? By the way great looking jacket, I think Will and ADG will be all over this.

  2. I’m late to the party on this! There is only ONE option for dealing with the problematic but not to be done away with belt.

    “Two buttons and a couple of others in back to fasten it out-of-the-way”

    This is your/our best bet. I say our because I’d love to make one of these with you. But I can’t abide that cinched up Santa Claus looking big buckled belt that is typical with Norfolks…and Virginia Beaches for that matter.

    The square belt buckle with the squared nature of the jacket–even with the nipped waist sensibilities that you’ve integrated–end up making the wearer not only looked constrained but if they are even mildly square/squatty in posture–construct…the wearer ends up looking like those little dorm room refrigerators we all had.

    Don’t do any type of buckle. It just screams “Mini Fridge”.

    Did I just write all of this shit about a buckle?


    PS…It’s June. Maybe this becomes a fall 2012 jacket?

  3. Chris
    Saw the jacket at Larry’s shop today and it is beautiful!
    The matching of the stripes around the shoulders and back is world class!
    I would button the belt, both front option and back.
    Can’t wait to see the final product .

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