Went to a Marvelous Party.

Mrs. E. and I went to a birthday party Friday night last. It was quite the occasion with a tent, a candle bearing chandelier suspended amongst a garland of lemon leaves, hot and cold running service and fabulous company. The sport coat has a windowpane pattern that the vest picked up and the tie is a new Drake’s number worn for the first time. The guest of honor is known for his bow tie collection. The slippers went along for the ride since I forgot to take them off in the rush to get tot he party.

An odd vest is a good thing to have on hand for those in-between evenings that start out warm and, by the time cocktails have ended and the sun is down, turn chilly.

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3 Responses to Went to a Marvelous Party.

  1. The Leopard says:

    Tres Chic, very Gatsbyesque. Does the bow tie have pointed ends? As far as your slippers going along for the ride, what a great idea, I think I’ll dust off the old Stubbs and Wootens and take them for a spin.

  2. Laura Casey says:

    Looks like the perfect out for a classy night out.

  3. Phillippa says:

    You look lovely!

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