This Sunday is Fun Day

(Photo: Reggie Darling)

Easter Sunday is two days away and the question I get asked more than any other is this: “can I wear seersucker for Easter Sunday? Poplin? Bucks?”

Yes and no.

There are the diehards who will insist that we are too far north in Central Virginia for it to be seersucker weather until Memorial Day, when we break out our summer clothing. That said, my stance has always been, if it’s hot enough, wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Not sure of my logic, I checked with a truly Southern Gentleman, The Architect, who contends that if you are from the Deep South, you are accustomed to breaking out your summer wardrobe after Easter. Linen, seersucker, white bucks, it is all fair game. Why? Because it is hot enough. So. it really is about where you are from, and not where you are. Local custom dictates that we in Richmond, don’t wear white bucks, spectator shoes, white linen, seersucker or madras until Memorial Day.

Regardless, it is a fine time to justify a little peacockery, as the subject of Mr. Mort’s photo above shows. We tend to do more of a colorful thing here. Salmon pink ties, lime green bows, lavender sport coats and the like are not unusual to see. We do go nicely with the Easter eggs.

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