Set to Get Wet

This was the last semi-elegant living related thing I got to do before the dreaded stomach flu took hold with a vengeance.
Now, that is not me in the chair. I had my go moments before, but wasn’t clever enough to figure out how to photograph the event. So I enlisted friend DubG to undergo the knife at the newly reopened Razor’s of Richmond.
The soothing hands belong to Mo, the barber. She was good. Unfortunately, we were in between shipments of both towels and aftershave emollients. The towels were easy. The owner lives nearby and simply took them home to launder.
Wet shaving requires a bit of preparation. It’s also wise to have not had one too many the night before as the capillaries will be closer to the surface of the skin and nicks tend to keep flowing.
The hot towel has to be my favorite part of the experience. My sinuses hadn’t been that open for days!
As this was DubG’s first wet shave, this is smiling in the face of certain death. The shaving cream was cold, which was surprising to me.
The first stroke. Mo shaves with the grain first, then against. On my neck that had her spinning in circles as my beard grows in crop-circle like patterns.
DubG had less of a time of it. Although he, like me, walked away with a few splotches of blood on his neck. Not cuts, they are centered on the follicle, and I get them at home, too.
The aftershave balm and a cold towel to close the pores.
You can see the “nicks,” they cleaned up quickly at home with a bit of water and my Truefitt and Hill skin food. In all honesty, I can do almost as well at home using a combination of my DE and a multi-blade monstrosity, but nothing will get your mug as smooth as a straight razor shave. I can recommend Mo. The shave will hold me about a day and a half. Razor’s also offers massages, MANicures, pedicures, haircuts, facials, waxing and all that sort of thing.


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