It’s the Little Things

Life’s little luxuries, we are surrounded by them, but often they go unnoticed.

To live a truly elegant life, each object in your life should be aesthetically pleasing. I also like to think that most objects I own are more than just decorative, they serve a purpose as well. Take my Apple products, they are beautifully designed, right down to the packaging and work very well right out of the box.

The same could be said for that little beauty in the photo. I have any number of ways to open an envelope (for however long paper envelopes may continue to exist), but one of the most satisfying is to use my pocket knife or the Toledo steel paper-opener that once sat on my father’s desk.

Surround yourself with well-made, useful objects that satisfy your aesthetic. Just make sure that you remember to luxuriate in the little things that life has to offer.

Like the commercial says: “what’s in your pocket?” Or on your desk?


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