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Five Alive

I’m on the eternal quest to find quick and easy exercise routines. Things that hold my interest and, if they don’t exactly build a California-ripped body, at least keep me in some semblance of shape.

There are thousands of exercises regimens and even more gurus out there from which to choose. So what drew me to “The Five Tibetan Rites”? Brunello Cucinelli.  Yup, style strikes again.

Mr. Cucinelli, best known for producing luxury cashmere (is there any other kind) garments and in the process rescuing his hometown, starts each morning with an hour swim followed by these five short exercises. They’re supposed to realign your chakras. They keep me a bit nimble and I do feel more alive after my 15 minute “workout” pre-shower and shave.

If you’re pressed for time, and if I am, I know you are, give them a whirl (exercise one). There are a couple of good YouTube videos that count you through them.

Have a nice day. Or namaste. Whichever you find more appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Five Alive

  1. Just move your spine all six directions every day and you’ll be fine. The leg lift/ab section isn’t for those with lumbar problems, and the spinning could be downright dangerous for anyone with inner ear or balance problems.

  2. Hello YT, thanks for the comment and the suggestion. I can think of five directions (forward, back, side to side and stretching up), what’s the other?

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