Bursting Out All Over

In spring colors. I mentioned that I get a bit goofy when it comes to the warmer months. At least during the day. Couple that with the online tumblr and Pinterest browsing and the prevailing influence of my digital copies of The Rake and I can go Luca fast.

Rubinacci this time. (Forgive the unshaven face. I was in a horrid rush to get to an early doctor’s appointment.) The weather is exceedingly cool during spring mornings and we’re getting our two weeks of clement weather right now. Which is why I decided to pull out the corduroys one last time, weather permitting.

I really wanted to wear that green tie. It’s skinny, so I tend to tie it in a slovenly manner so that the blades lay, more or less, side by side. The shirt, although difficult to tell in this light, is white with a blue ‘pane. The pochette is a Drake’s silk and wool thing of beauty. I will be sorry to retire those for the season and look forward to finding good cotton/linen substitutes.


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5 Responses to Bursting Out All Over

  1. The Leopard says:

    Great jacket, more info please.

  2. Leo, Agnès B, French make. A bit boxy in silhouette as can be expected, but it suits. Thanks!

  3. Ben says:

    Love the combo, but clashes a bit with the pink mantle in background. Is that for real?

  4. Hi Ben, That’s the early morning light off the bricks opposite our house. Mantle is white. Might be the enhanced colors filter I had to use, too.

  5. Doctor-Know says:

    You should tie your tie.

    It looks too sloppy.

    This skinny tie doesn’t work with the wide lapel.

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