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You Know You’re In the South When…

Casual clothing looks like this.

The beaches look like this. In March.

The houses are built to encourage porch sitting.

There is a certain color green used all over. Even inside Ben Silver.

Souvenirs take on a slightly different form from a town that can support four good men’s stores in as many blocks.

And most of all, you’re aching to go back. If only for the grits.


3 thoughts on “You Know You’re In the South When…

  1. You are so right about all these things in your latest post. The South is a world unto itself. I just know you were in your element with four good men’s shops in such close proximity!

  2. I appreciate you sharing your clothing finds from Charleston. I really like everything you found. Would you mind sharing the maker on the socks and the cords. And, is that a paisley pocket square? I’ve been searching for one. Is it from M. Dumas? Thank you. Your blog is great!

  3. Thank you Brendan. The socks are from quirky designer VK Nagrani (although they are not OTC, I am assured that they stay up), the pocket square is sort of a gauzy bandana-like print by Breuer and the cords are Castaway. All from M. Dumas where I was waited on by a very nice Mr. Linwood Williams.

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