Very Casual For a Very Warm Day of Errands

Pink and white mini-gingham shirt, alligator belt, flat front khakis, Fucci (faux Gucci: Cole Haan) loafers.

There are some days that you don’t have to dress. Hauling grocery bags, boxes of wine and dry cleaning hardly necessitates a tie. Or, in this case, socks. Especially when the temps are in the high 80’s (°F). This is also the sort of thing that I would throw on to drop off or pick up the kiddos at school. Casual can still be polished. I think it’s mostly to do with the shoes.

Speaking of which, I saw a well-dressed woman yesterday. She eschewed the Richmond uniform of blue jeans, tall boots and North Face vest in favor of off-white jeans, black ballet flats, a black blazer, white shirt and black sunglasses. She was very tall and blonde and the effect was striking and a confident look on her. Brava!

Thanks for being patient as I posted from the iPad. I’m back up and running on the new iMac, and while I’ve got a bit of a learning curve with the new OS, I’ll be flying along with you more regularly.

It took about 18 hours to transfer information from the dead MacBook to the iMac. Now I just have to get used to having the view blocked.

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