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Very Casual For a Very Warm Day of Errands

Pink and white mini-gingham shirt, alligator belt, flat front khakis, Fucci (faux Gucci: Cole Haan) loafers.

There are some days that you don’t have to dress. Hauling grocery bags, boxes of wine and dry cleaning hardly necessitates a tie. Or, in this case, socks. Especially when the temps are in the high 80’s (°F). This is also the sort of thing that I would throw on to drop off or pick up the kiddos at school. Casual can still be polished. I think it’s mostly to do with the shoes.

Speaking of which, I saw a well-dressed woman yesterday. She eschewed the Richmond uniform of blue jeans, tall boots and North Face vest in favor of off-white jeans, black ballet flats, a black blazer, white shirt and black sunglasses. She was very tall and blonde and the effect was striking and a confident look on her. Brava!

Thanks for being patient as I posted from the iPad. I’m back up and running on the new iMac, and while I’ve got a bit of a learning curve with the new OS, I’ll be flying along with you more regularly.

It took about 18 hours to transfer information from the dead MacBook to the iMac. Now I just have to get used to having the view blocked.

6 thoughts on “Very Casual For a Very Warm Day of Errands

  1. Getting a new computer up and running is a lot of work Chris. I am sure you will love the new large screen, but you are right about losing your view. It is nice to be able to look up from your computer and see something beautiful, as it will quickly relax you. Your taste in clothing though is always beautiful as well as polished.

    Once again, you have put together an outfit that is elegant and sharp. It has been years since I have worn pink, but I will now be looking for a pink and white gingham shirt.

    Chris, when you do wear a sport coat it is often three button with a 3 roll 2 lapel. Do you buy your coats that way or do you need to have them re-pressed to gain that perfect look? In addition, I don’t know how tall you are, but since I am 5’8” I was wondering if three button coats would appear too long for me? Your advice is always appreciated Chris.

  2. Todd, I’m 5’8″. The 3/2 roll has been around forever, you’ll do well with one. Repressing never achieves the best result as the coat is not cut to roll that way. My coats are bought with that configuration or made for me that way.

    Pink is a great neutral for spring! And everyone is doing gingham this year; you should find a few good ones.

    Thanks for the compliment and for reading.

    BT, you and me both. Although Uggs makes some decent looking boots. Mrs. E. owns several pair thanks to her condition. I like the black suede with the western heel.

    Keep fighting the good fight. We all lead by example.

    Bromihn, no kidding. And it was too old for the Apple Store to fix. Ugh. This one should be perfectly set up sometime next week. …

  3. The key line here, IMO, is “casual can still be polished.” Absolutely spot on. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy or intentionally revealing or offensive, it means casual. I’m with you 100%.

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