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The Thing Is, It’s Spring

I’m making a concession to the weather by wearing a light blue and white striped shirt with a contrasting collar. The tie is a Tie Bar knit with white spots. The suit is a light grey Oxxford with the faintest black and sky blue ‘pane running through it. My shoes are slip on tassel loafers by Alden in deep Havana brown.


So why do I tell you all that? Because elegance is found in restraint. And spring breeds exuberance. Especially in Southern climes. Witness my recent trip to South Carolina, the images that you see coming out of the warmer regions of Italy and the peacock colors on display here in Richmond — at least in our shop windows and on Fridays.

I love those colors.

The bright oranges with the floral motifs can’t help but make me smile. Or consider:

A large paisley in a summery colorway.

Or this Macclesfield print bow.

(All ties by Drake’s London http://drakes-london.com)


What role does bright color play in your wardrobe choices when the weather warms up?


4 thoughts on “The Thing Is, It’s Spring

  1. “…elegance is found in restraint.” Absolutely. I think a great way for men to pair their elegant dress with a spring awakening is with a colorful tie – but only if the suit and shirt pairing make sense and are understated. You have captured the look well.

  2. I do love climbing out of my dark cave and wearing brights in Spring….they make me feel young and playful.
    Yesterday I looked like big bird in my yellow pants and striped yellow top!
    I just could not help myself! Sunny side up I said!

  3. Time to ditch the black handbag (unless it’s a Chanel with a chain) in favor of a medium brown and something less bulky. A small, flat cross-body bag in a color is fun. Bought our daughter a terrific red one in calf with tasteful silver hardware a few seasons ago, and it is the happiest bag!

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