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The Colour Theory Advanced

Mrs. E. was reading the March 2012 issue of Better Homes and Gardens home/advice column when she ran across this bit:

7 Try this surefire guide for palette proportion. Think 60-30-10: 60 percent your primary color, 30 percent your secondary color, and 10 percent your accent. Feeling daring? Give yourself an extra 5 percent for a wild card — a just for fun surprise accent.

Yes, this one goes up to eleven. Or 105% anyway … .

Being an avid devotee of color in house decor, she immediately took to the advice and has been planning to redo something. I forget what. I believe it has to do with the living room and curtains for the bay wall of windows.

At any rate, it occurs to me that the same formula may be used to — more or less — discreetly add color to your wardrobe this spring (those parts not already painted pollen yellow). A few prime examples to get you started.

(Photo: Sarto.jp. Click on the photo to go to the site.)

Above you have Mr. Rubinacci, the younger, looking very conservative in his color choices, for a change. Sixty percent blue, thirty percent purple, ten percent white and five percent pocket square and doohickey (which may tether his glasses).

(Via: ThisAndThatStyle.)


A very easy and elegant way to dress for day. Wouldn’t you agree?

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