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Porch Sitting

Our recent foray into Charleston has left us with an almost overwhelming desire to decorate our yet-to-be-built back porch. I’d love for my design savvy readers to pitch in with some suggestions.


At the moment, Mrs. E. and I are leaning toward the Galante line from Ballard Design.

I love that pseudo rattan, bamboo vibe and love that it is sturdier than both. I picture this with lots of palm fronds and chilled silver julep cups. A hybrid southern-Raj theme?


Of course, our original plan was to tile the floor and back wall and install a small pool like the one Bernard Fox splashes through in the bar scene from “The Mummy” with Brendan Fraser.


4 thoughts on “Porch Sitting

  1. That’s a nice looking set; however, I don’t think that you’ll be able to comfortable stretch your legs beneath it (which you may want to do when no one is visiting). Also, the table doesn’t have a flat surface, which makes it more likely that one of your kiddos (or less graceful guests) will not be careful when putting down their drink… Also, get a print for the cushions. You may never spill a thing, but one of your guests might. I’m saying all this as someone who has just cobbled together a set of patio furniture from craigslist and thrift stores.

  2. Furnishing a porch is a pleasure! Ours is a mix of old and new purchases. We found our furniture down the street at our neighbor’s house in 1990, just weeks after we moved into our home (an elderly woman who was preparing to move). After getting assurance from her daughter that no family was interested in it, we made an offer. She was very happy not to have to move it and eager to sell it to us, keeping it ‘in the neighborhood’ and to begin a new life with a young family. It was a fabulous set of old Woodard wrought iron, very over- sized pieces with a slate blue finish and decorative scrolls! A sofa, two chairs, 3 nesting tables (often referred to as “cigarette tables”), a chaise, a glass top round table and 4 chairs. Carrying the sofa down the street was a back-breaker, but worth it! These pieces have been at home on our back porch and poolside since 1990. We are on our third set of cushions, Perennials/ “Sea Salt.” Important to consider: will your furniture sustain high winds without blowing into your neighbor’s yard, do you need to have cushions made custom or can you order made to measure, and have you sat in one of the chairs? Once on the porch, you need to be able to sit comfortably for a nice, long time…! Just this Spring I inherited a “glider,” made of wood slats and iron. Needs a fresh coat of glossy paint and a cover; glides gently back and forth . . . ’nuff said.

    And finally, we filled in with Brown Jordan pieces. They hold up beautifully, extremely comfortable (husband swears it is all more comfortable than anything indoors), & lovely selection of styles. They were initially an investment, but have paid off in spades–held up since 1991!

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