For Allergy Season, Colourful Kerchiefs Win by a …. Nose

Is there anything so inelegant as allergy season? Forecasted tree pollen counts are registering in the red “high” zone for the foreseeable future and there is a fine greenish-grey cover over everything left outside. The sight of which leaves me reaching for my pocket-handkerchief. (Mine are plain, white, cotton with the occasional linen thrown into the mix.) The closer we get to Derby Day, the more flamboyant colors begin to appear in clothing and accessories. They seem to edge out winter’s more somber colors and win by a nose.

There is a certain type of Richmonder who carries a bandana for such days. All-in-all a colorful way to add a bit of whimsy to the prep-standards worn by most — flat front khakis, OCBD or polo collar, Fucci knock-off bit loafers or Alden’s — for 3/4 of the year. Folded and tucked into a back pocket, they are just a bit too large and a corner always peeks out. That’s where the whimsy comes in.

I’ve even used a pink one as a pochette with a blue linen blazer. For a couple of bucks or less, why not?

If you’ve got a serious pile of disposable income, you might choose linen squares from Drake’s like the beauty below.

Or something a bit more sedate and traditional, like these Irish linen or cotton numbers, monogram and hemstitching optional:

Which ever you choose, do carry a handkerchief or usable pocket square on the miserable days. For evenings, I’d stick to white.

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