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Charleston, Charleston….

Mrs. E., the progeny and I are headed for Charleston, SC in the near future. It will be the first time for any of us. We are fortunate enough to have found a luxury suite sort of hotel that gives us a kitchen and a couple of bedrooms. That will make it simpler in the evenings when we can cook for our children who don’t eat anything remotely interesting. We will be out for luncheons and adventures, though.

So, any suggestions to make the stay memorable?

18 thoughts on “Charleston, Charleston….

  1. Breakfast at Seabiscuit on Isle of Palms, lunch at Fleet Landing, and a stroll down the battery are a must.

  2. If you’re staying downtown, cross the bridge to Mt. Pleasant for lunch at the Boulevard Diner at some point. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall, but it’s some of the best food around. You’ll enjoy King Street in Charleston proper. Brooks Brothers has a store there, but you should particularly pay a visit to Ben Silver’s and Berlin’s, both on King. In the afternoon visit White Point Gardens or Waterfront park for a lovely view of the harbor. The Charleston Grill at the Charleston Place Hotel has jazz nightly, and excellent food. The Charleston Museum is always interesting, and was the first museum in the Americas. There are various art museums and galleries around the city, but the Gibbes Museum on Meeting Street is probably the best. For other sightseeing, the Calhoun monument in Marion Square is amusing. šŸ™‚

  3. Visit Drayton Hall, one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in America.

  4. Go see the slavery museum at the old slave mart. There is so much history there, I love that city. To go see anything historical there and not see the slavery museum would be disappointing and inherently inaccurate.

  5. Ditto on Drayton Hall (not Boone Hall). And take a carriage tour, sounds corny I know, but the guides are very knowledgable, and you get a very nice overview of the city. Drinks at the Mills House, and lunch at Gallart & Malliclet (sp?) also known as Fast & French, on Broad between King and Meeting, or thereabouts

  6. As someone else said, the Ben Silver store is well worth a stop. If you’re a wet shaver (as I am) I would absolutely stop by Stella Nova while down there to stock up on supplies.

    Finally, any trip to Kiawah Island is absolutely worth the trip. I’ve been going to Kiawah every year for the past 12 years or so, and have yet to find a better place to vacation…

  7. My suggestions————-For the kiddies, a boat ride to Ft Sumter:For the adults, the Calhoun Mansion, a Victorian pile on lower Meeting Street with a wow factor. You’ll love it or hate it; Shopping on King Street, (menswear stores in addition to those already mentioned) two local operations, Grady-Ervin and, 319 Men directly across King Street.Tim Shaw, menswear retailer and Methodist minister, is the person to talk to there. Don’t just do lower King Street, the local folks have moved further up the street for cheaper rents. Magar the hatter. Mostly women’s but some men’s. The French place between King and Meeting on Broad is good for some light eating and coffee. There is a place called The Gin Joint serving historically-correct cocktails over on the restaurant row on East Bay. No more restaurant recommendations because I’m not writing a dissertation.

  8. Try HUSK for lunch – regional source for all products used in this restaurant

  9. For the kids, visit the children’s reading room downstairs at the Charleston Library Society. Butcher & Bee on upper King St. is a great choice for lunch. If you can’t get a reservation at Husk for dinner, the bar next door has fantastic cocktails and a pretty great burger. A visit to the Hunley display (the first submarine successfully used in wartime, built by the Confederate navy–it sank after its first mission, but was recovered several years back). The gardens at Middleton Place are beautiful as well.

  10. oh boy, where to start. Agree with other commenters…try Husk for lunch or dinner (reserve in advance.) The family will love Sugar Bake Shop, founded by two architects who relocated from NYC. Make sure to try their sun-brewed mint tea

    Check out the sweetgrass baskets….avoid the market, rather visit the ladies at Broad and Meeting streets and be prepared to haggle a little. No better memento of your trip

    Just wander the Holy City, it is a gem

  11. Tour the Citadel. Then tell your kids that if they don’t take a more inclusive attitude toward new and interesting foods, you’ll send them there. Then, it’ll be, “Let’s try escargot tonight, Daddy!”

  12. Please visit Jack’s Cosmic Dogs on Isle of Palms. The kids can get their uninteresting dogs, and you can try some truly fantastic eats.

  13. Charleston is my favorite US city! A walking tour is a must – we had a guide recommendation from the Planters Inn, where we always stay.

    If you are willing to get a sitter one night, The Peninsula Grill is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to – wonderful food (4 star), wonderful atmosphere.

    Have fun!


  14. Agree with ‘Birdlady’ and others about Husk. Just don’t let your cardiologist know! The bacon honey butter and the cornbread are the best.

    Thank goodness it’s a ‘walking city’.

    My wife and I were their about a year ago and can’t wait to get back

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