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Warm Weather Is Here. I’m Still on Winter Fabrics

It’s gotten warm, but I’m having trouble letting go of wool ties in particular. Ah well, it can’t hurt, it’s a very Virginian trait after all.

Q: How many Virginians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: Three. One to replace the bulb and two to discuss how wonderful the old bulb really was.


5 thoughts on “Warm Weather Is Here. I’m Still on Winter Fabrics

  1. What would you call the pattern of your jacket? Is that a herringbone check with a plaid going through it? It is a very handsome pattern and color combination.

  2. Envy-inducing jacket…and tank watch, too. I’m wondering, did you consider an odd-patterned handkerchief? Might have been an interesting bit of variety. Maybe a paisley that picks up on one of the colors of the jacket. Just a thought. I wish I dressed this thoughtfully; nice get-up.

  3. Your joke made me laugh!! Such a pleasant way to start my day. Did you see the article in Tatler about the Sartorialist? If not, I’d be happy to send along.

  4. Hi Paula, I’d call it a herringbone with a window pane overcheck. But seeing as how the jacket was made by Beretta, perhaps a “shooting check” would be appropriate?

    George, I was working from texture. The first square was dark blue with light blue spots! Next time! Thanks.

    Valerie, I missed the article. And thanks! that joke is more true than not….

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