Traditional Monday

Specs, 57mm Oliver Peoples “Riley” in a new-for-me tortoiseshell colour. New Deco patterned Drake’s tie. Silk Knots. Silk square. Pencil-stripe double-cuff shirt by Land’s End custom (a first attempt), blue coat by Hackett (part of a suit), grey flat-front worsted trousers by Zanella, black two eyelet plain toe derbys by R. Martegani. There is a reason that certain combinations are tried and true.

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7 Responses to Traditional Monday

  1. The Leopard says:

    Great combination, especially the play off of the silk square to the silk knots, tres soigne!

  2. LOVE the glasses. I’m just mad for tortoiseshell. Great tie, nice combo with the pocket and the knots. To me, it says traditional but approachable. I love that look.

  3. IGU, I hadn’t but would love to read it! Thanks,C

  4. Love the specs! Was in the eye Dr.s office yesterday and am about to get a new pair as well. Great looking rig as well, nicely done!

  5. Thank you RCC. I always think I’ll branch out and try a round pair. And then… good old Riley’s to the rescue.

  6. yoga teacher says:

    You, your glasses and your outfit look very nice here. Maybe it’s my line of work and the lit degree, but I liked your “navel-gazing-ative” posts. My life (and the way I dress) is far-removed from those of some of the blogs I enjoy (yours, ADG, Reggie D…), but what makes them fun and interesting for me are the lives and emotions and background behind the clothing choices. (OK, for Reggie not the clothes, but the antique finds:)
    A long way of saying that I hope you continue to update us on Mrs. E, your kids, and the ‘entertaining’ and ‘living’ categories of your blog.
    Though my professional attire has become today’s excuse for slobby dressing everywhere, it’s thanks to you that at least one yoga teacher has her butt covered in a nice casual knit blazer outside of the studio!

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