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One Rig to Rule Them All

Happy Mardi Gras, y’all. I know I should  post a gumbo recipe (our dinner tonight), the makings of a perfect Sazerac, or the best way to incorporate green, purple and gold into your wardrobe, but I’ll stick to a more sober topic. I’m writing this in the early morning, after all.

 (Images: http://roger-moore.com/)

Roger Moore as Simon Templar, The Saint

Roger Moore, around The Wild Geese time?

Sir Roger Moore at 80, celebrating with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I am often asked for must-have items, favourite labels, “appropriate-to-most-situations” clothing, and I have always recommended the blue suit. However, after watching several old British films, and reviewing a few television shows of the late 60’s, I’ve drawn a new conclusion, one embodied by the always elegant Sir Roger Moore.

Keeping in mind fit and proportion, I believe that a slim cut grey trouser, white cocktail cuff shirt with a medium spread collar (or very light blue as a second choice), a blue blazer in a slim silhouette — single or double-breasted — with a slightly-long-for-today skirt (what was a normal length about five years ago), and a pair of black loafers, monk straps or a Chelsea boot, will see anyone through just about anything these days.

I didn’t follow my rule of thumb to the letter, as you can see. I’ve opted for a grey and cream tie (vintage Hermès, on loan from The Architect) and tan monks in the photo below.


In our increasingly casual society, this rig is probably the most adaptable that a man can own. With this and a tuxedo, you’re set for just about anything. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

8 thoughts on “One Rig to Rule Them All

  1. This is the kit I need, especially being in the suburbs. Suits are too much. Next up, blue blazer. I’m actually going to have it made to measure, as well. Look at me go.

  2. Hey . . .

    Just wanted to send a quick ‘cheers’ not only for the amazing outfit . . . but, for the excellent (and perfectly random) use of text from “Lord of the Rings.”

    Well done,

  3. Thanks Scot. Hope all is well on your end of the blogosphere.

    Turling, it is an amazingly adaptable ensemble. Opt for at least mid grey trousers, but go with that slim cut. If you cuff, go 2″and no break! On the coat, I’m leaning to have another made as this one has never been perfect in my eye. I’ll shoot for a three-roll-two with the traditional gilt buttons and deep side vents.

  4. Very very nice. I’ve been wearing something along the same lines. I saw an outfit while watching Patrick McGoohan in the old Danger Man series. I have adopted this into my regular wearing. White shirt with a white on white print tie, blue blazer and medium gray pants. It is a very stylish look while still being less dressy as a suit.

  5. check out old video of “the persuaders” on youtube to see sir roger in classic clothing and tony curtis in early 70’s flash that looked dated 10 minutes after he took it off.


  6. These are great pieces that go well together and mix with everything else – so key to a good wardrobe made of a small quantity of very high quality items. My husband and I are going on a 4-month trip in two years where every other day will be “dressy” for dinner. These two pieces will be practical additions to his charcoal gray suit in subtle large check.

    Your choice of footwear makes this outfit completely day appropriate and eliminates any potential “stuffiness” that an onlooker could assign.

  7. P-D, That show cracks me up.

    Rebekah, I hadn’t thought of that (footwear), thanks!

    Michael P, another great show and touchstone. Interesting sounding tie!

    Laura, thanks! The older I get the more I turn to uniforms.

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