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Come One, Come All.


The best idea in house tours ever! Food and wine tastings.

2 thoughts on “Come One, Come All.

  1. Being no American I just cannot understand why any comment of yours …on exercise!… should be taken so seriously. As far as I know, your words should call for opinions, nothing more than that. You’re not a guru, are you? Then, why should you give lessons? Since when easy and elegant life should become a wikipedia of sorts, or a boy scouts manual?
    I do not expect your blog to become an oracle, nor do I believe that every entry should cover anything in particular. You can be serious and light, for, after all, entertaining is not the opposite of serious, but of boring.
    Please do write more. My days are happier when I get an entry of yours, even if it only contains a pic of Barrymore and a cryptic sentence.
    Other people looking for the meaning of life can always check the online version of the Readers’ Digest.
    Ah, and please do excuse my English.

  2. My Dear Mr. E.,
    Please pay no mind to any detractor. I’ve enjoyed every single post. They are unusual, and all the more valuable for that. Surely your correspondent MT will simply re-direct his or her attention to a blogger more gratifying to his or her taste. Those of us who delight in your observations and personal style understand you just fine! We get your approach, and would be disappointed if you in any way changed your modus operandi now. Heavens, we rely on you! Carry on, please do.

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